Fingerprint Biometric Time Attendance Management System

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FingerFlex is a fingerprint biometric time attendance system and a perfect add-on to your current human resource management helping you to automate data collection and process timesheets faster designed specifically for the Malaysian market.

Overcome your time tracking issues with FingerFlex Time Attendance System

  • Prepare attendance reports faster for organizations of any size
  • Improve overall workforce punctuality, naturally!
  • Eliminate buddy-punching with fingerprint biometrics
  • Queue up faster with one touch login
  • Lower maintenance than punch card

    Main Features

Fingerprint Biometric Terminal

One-Touch Fingerprint Login

No password to remember, no cards to hold, no buddy-punching, just your own finger. Guaranteed to register 99.9% of your users!

FingerFlex Management

Information at your fingertips

Improve the management of your human resource by getting a full overview of your workforce time attendance in seconds, less queries, more action.

FingerFlex sample report

Generate Reports Instantly

You'll be generating reports at the end of the month easily. You can even export it to MS Excel or your human resource system automatically.



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User-friendly Time Attendance Management

FingerFlex Time Attendance is designed to be used by most average computer users, with no database and programming skills required. This means, you can have access to the system without performing any complex database queries or special commands to get the information required.

Records Management



Flexible Schedule Management

Set as many as work groups and time shifts required by your company by using our intuitive interface. FingerFlex can cater to all your time management requirements. You can even have different working hours for different groups. The schedule management also adheres to the Malaysian government agency work schedule requirements.

Work group scheduling



Monitor Abnormality

FingerFlex Time Attendance has a trigger alert system on monitoring people who are coming late consistently. You can set your own rules for late attendance and the system will alert you automatically.

  • Set rules to monitor late attendance automatically (e.g being late 3 times a month)
  • Print out a warning letter automatically based on the rules you set.
Attendance Policy/Penalty



Flexible Leave Management

Staffs taking leave can be recorded within FingerFlex, and will show up in related reports.

Leave Management



Export into Microsoft Excel

All the time attendance report generated by FingerFlex can be exported to Microsoft Excel. You can then process it into your payroll or do your own report formatting.

Export report to Microsoft Excel



Professional visualized reportings designed to help you improve your workforce attendance better


The Monthly Attendance Chart
You can print this chart and display it on the employee notice board, containing an attendance chart for the whole month.

Overview attendance chart



The Monthly Attendance Report by Department

Print out monthly attendance reports by departments, including late hours, reasons for being late recorded, plus department statistics.

Attendance group report




The Individual Attendance Report

Print out individual timesheets plus hours late, attendance notes, and collective statistics - all in one easy report!

Time attendance individual report with statistics




The Late Attendance Report

You can also print out at any time who's been late for the period that you inquire.

Late attendance report





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